This post is the final one in a series of eight blog posts on the creation of the Successful Business Mindset.  You can see the introduction to these eight posts, by clicking here.  You can click on each section of the Successful Business Mindset by clicking on the names below.  Each one will become live as I complete the blog post.

Each discussion will be broken down into MECHANICS and MINDSET.  Mechanics will discuss the practical tasks and areas that you need to be doing well; and Mindset will discuss different approaches to the Mechanics.

This blog post will discuss your Personal Life within The Successful Business Mindset.

The Elements of Life

Your Personal Life is quite important.  Work is certainly a part of your life.  If you’re a business owner, work can be all-consuming.  Even when you are at home, business ideas and worries are distracting you from enjoying life.  By deliberately considering all of the areas of your personal life, you will be able to achieve a work/life balance that allows you to achieve your work goals; and your personal goals.

In addition to work, there are seven “mechanical” areas of your personal life that need to be considered:

  • Personal Growth: What are you doing to grow yourself?
  • Spiritual Awareness: How consistent are you living within your spiritual beliefs?
  • Fun & Enjoyment: What have you done to prioritize fun in your life?
  • Relationships: What are you doing to be intentional on relationships with friends & spouse?
  • Family: What percentage of time are you investing in your family?
  • Finance: How well are you doing with financial resources?
  • Health. What actions are you taking to ensure you are healthy?

If you can create a level of success in each one of these areas of your life, you will achieve a true work/life balance.

Life Mindset

I do an exercise I call “climbing the ladder”.  In this exercise, I will go through seven different approaches to your personal life based on the seven different energy levels.  These energy levels characterize how you are THINKING about life.  If you don’t know what I mean by Energy Levels, you can refer back to the introductory post on the Successful Business Mindset.

  1. Level 1: You feel a victim in your personal life. While you may feel in charge at work and respected, you feel almost depressed to go home because you are completely powerless.
  2. Level 2: You are in conflict in your personal life. Whether it’s with your spouse or your kids, you feel like everything is a fight. There is a sense of competition with your family and friends.
  3. Level 3: You have a sense that you are coping with your marriage and other aspects of your personal life. While things seem okay, you wish they could be better; but are afraid to rock the boat.
  4. Level 4: You have a strong sense of service to your family, your church or your neighborhood or some special cause where you can serve others when you are outside of work.
  5. Level 5: You look for opportunities to take vacations, engage in activities, and live life to the fullest. You often will take on learning new things and getting your family involved in your activities and fun.
  6. Level 6: You have now fully engaged larger groups of people outside of work for some greater cause. It may be a benefit golf tournament, or another social function, but you have managed to motivate others to join in your cause that makes your community a better place.
  7. Level 7: You can quickly recognize situations outside of work and create harmony with yourself and with others by controlling your energy levels; and helping those around you to grow

As business owners, we think that business needs to come first; or we feel more powerful in business than at home.  Ask yourself, “Is this REALLY TRUE?”

So What?

I’ve listed seven areas of the mechanics of Life along with seven levels of energy.

  • If you DO the right things in your life, but operate at lower energy levels, you will become burned out; and most likely less successful than you could have been.
  • If you tend to FEEL good about your life, but fail to DO the right things, you will flounder and fail.

As you can probably guess, one will lead to the other.  What us humans fail to grasp is that energy precedes action.  In other words, you will typically be thinking of opportunity (Level 5) before you discover opportunity.  Likewise, you will feel like a victim (Level 1) before you act in a way that will close the doors to others in your life.

I use both lists of mechanics and mindset to help my business owner clients set goals; and then work toward those goals.  While it’s usually easy for my clients to see the mechanical goals, it is more difficult to see the mindset goals.  Once they understand the energy levels, they are able to move to the level that best suits their life.  Once they have both mindset and mechanics figured out, they quickly move forward.

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