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After leaving a 10-year engineering and sales career, I started my company, Ennovate Corporation in 1997.  Ennovate grew from a $300,000 per year, single-man operation to an $11-Million, 30-person company by 2011.  These years were a roller-coaster ride, to say the least.  Some years were up, others were down.  After 2011, Ennovate experienced a decline… and so did I.  I felt burned out and was tired of the burden of owning my business.  In 2012, I felt that some of the larger energy service companies could offer our clients better services with the expansion of the renewable energy technologies.  I negotiated the sale of Ennovate to Ameresco Inc., which closed in February 2013.

As part of the sale, I was to stay on and lead an expanded Rocky Mountain territory for Ameresco.  I was excited to take on this new role.  In the fall of 2013, I was diagnosed with a failing heart valve that needed immediate attention.  My heart surgeon told me that I would have to take six weeks off work for the surgery and the subsequent recovery period.  I remember feeling joy after hearing this news.  Why would I be glad to do a risky surgery just to miss work?  This doubt turned into a choice.  In the Spring of 2014, I told my boss I wanted to resign.

After resigning my job at Ameresco Inc., I caught up on things around my house and was generally bored.  I wanted to get back into a business leadership role.  After consulting with a friend, he told me that I should consider business coaching.  I completed an intense formal International Coaching Federation (ICF) sanctioned coach training with Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and obtained my Professional Coaching Certification.  I learned Core Energy Coaching at iPEC; and know that if I had understood the nature of ENERGY I learned at iPEC, I would have been a different business leader all those years.

I use my understanding of how business owners get burned out and worn out; to re-energize them and help them regain the excitement they once had when they first started their company.  I know how you feel as a business owner, because I’ve experienced your doubt, your fear, your frustration, your uncertainty and your anxiety. Whatever logic or analysis you have decided to use to solve your company’s problems, I can guarantee you that it won’t work.  The same thinking that got you to the place you are; will not be the thinking that will get you to a better place.

I have a solid understanding of the mechanics of running a business. Frankly, that’s the easy part.  The more challenging part is for you to energize people in your organization to become excellent.  You may feel like giving up; You may feel like you’re doing good enough; or you may feel like you don’t want to expend the energy to get to the next level.  These thoughts are LIES that you tell yourself; and you can live a much better life as a thriving business owner.

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