My Approach to Coaching Business Owners

Running a successful business requires knowledge, emotional strength and a rare sort of confidence.  I offer different coaching approaches based on where you are in your business ownership journey.  Regardless of what you have told yourself, you CAN SUCCEED; and I’d love to help.

Personal Coaching

You have worked so hard and have achieved some level of success, but your work/life balance is out of whack, or you have plateaued in your business growth, or you feel you are limited in your business vision.  The problem with being a business owner is that you have no one to confide in; and the people in your life you can talk to have no clue what you are going through.

As a certified life coach, I use coaching techniques to expand your thinking to the point you understand exactly what you need to do in business and in life to achieve the success you have always hoped for.  Whether you’re struggling with leadership skills in your place of business; or relationship problems at home; I can help you turn your challenges into amazing opportunities.  I start this relationship off with a Business Success Wheel exercise that helps you identify exactly how owning a business is serving or harming your life.  We identify areas of advancement and then plan a path forward.  I provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly coaching sessions to help you gain amazing traction in your business and your life.

Business Wheel

The Business Wheel is a tool that business owners use to determine the level of energy they are bringing to their business.  Most business owners attempt to use logic to solve perceived problems and can end in a state of Paralysis by Analysis.  I call this fog.  They search the internet hoping to find answers to the wrong questions only to find gimmicks that don’t work for their business.  The Business Wheel is designed to quickly give clarity from a completely different perspective; and is the foundation to build ACTION PLANS to create meaningful and long-lasting change.

The Business Wheel takes 30-minutes to complete and is FREE.  If you want to use Business Wheel tool, you can sign-up in the Opt-In section above.

Group Coaching

Some business owners do not want to invest in individual coaching.  Plus, it is sometimes fun to learn business principles within a larger group.  I provide coaching to groups of people for reduced rates.  The benefit of group coaching is that you’ll be able to participate in a classroom setting and get to interact with others who are trying to grow in the same subjects as you.

The disadvantage of group coaching is that you will not get as much individual coaching for your specific situation and the subjects we choose to focus on may not be 100% relevant to your situation.  You’ll certainly learn a lot; and you’ll get to interact with a group.  Currently, my onsite group coaching classes are only offered in the Denver Metropolitan Area in Colorado.  Please check the Business Coaching Workshops link for the latest group coaching.


Regardless of where you are in the business ownership journey, I offer impactful business coaching to help you move forward.  One of my core values is that I pay for myself as a Business Coach.  I insist that I create at least twice the amount of long-term revenue for your company as it costs you for my coaching fees.

If you would like to talk to me about where you are in your business ownership journey, I urge you to fill out the contact form below.  I offer a FREE CONSULTATION to help you understand what will serve you best in achieving whatever you’d like as a business owner.

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