After starting a business from nothing, growing it into a multi-million dollar revenue over a 16-year period, and selling it, I now coach other business owners on how to create amazing businesses and fulfilling lives.  Before you consider hiring me; I want you to know my WHY.

I started out on my own after working for a Fortune 100 company in 1997.  I thought I knew it all.  I was a brilliant engineer; I had analytical skills to spare; and I had developed amazing sales skills.  It was just myself to start, then I grew to a small office of five; and eventually grew my business to over $10 Million in annual revenue with 30-employees.  My business was a design/build construction company that retrofitted existing commercial buildings to make them more energy efficient.  In 2012, I decided to sell my company to an east-coast company who wanted to gain some traction in the Rocky Mountains region.  I was to stay on as a VP of the Rocky Mountain Region after the sale.  After six months as VP, I was diagnosed with a failing mitral valve in my heart.  When the doctor informed me I would be able to take 6-weeks off of work, I was overjoyed.

After this event, I reflected on my past; and wondered, “Why was I so unhappy at work?  Did I really like what I did?”  In the Spring of the following year, I resigned a great job with a great boss; and decided to consult with other small business owners.  But, I needed to know why I was so miserable after so many successful years in business.

While I was quite successful with the mechanics of starting and growing my business, I was failing in my ability to balance my life; empower my employees; and energize my business.  I have learned a lot since I left that industry in 2014; and I now share my knowledge with other business owners.

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Business Owner Challenges

Running a successful business requires knowledge, emotional strength and a rare sort of confidence.  I have listed eight key areas where I help my business owner clients overcome the challenges they face.  Maybe I can help you.

The eight areas I listed above are critical to all business owners.  If you feel you need help in any one of these areas, I urge you to check out the services page on my web site to see how I help business owners turn these challenges into opportunities.

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